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VIET CARGO LOGISTICS CORPORATION <<VIETCARGOLOG>> is a well established freight forwarding and logistics company in Vietnam. Our goal is to create a modern provider of complete non-vessel operated cargo solutions for shippers and consignees located all over the world. From sea, ground to airfreight to garment-on-hanger, we continue to work hard to achieve this vision.
VIETCARGOLOG offer global supply chain management for manufacturing, industrial, retail, government customers as well as provide logistics solutions that go beyond the physical movement of goods. Also, we provide such ancillary services as pre-shipment estimating, banking, and documentation. We has developed rapidly and achieved the highest customer satisfaction based on the following:
Comprehensive Services
We offer our customer all services related to the international movement of freight, including airfreight, sea freight, sea/air, and specially Dangerous Goods
State-of-the-Art Technology
We provide tailor-made services to meet the specific needs of our clients through state-of-the-art technological network and electronic communications systems.
Interactive Tools
We also maintain a detailed and user-friendly website as an interactive tool to assist our clients retrieve updated information, its services and useful information.
Tailor-Made Programs
An independent company of our size has the unique capacities to devote great attention to detail and to offer flexible tailor-made programs.
Industry Experts at Your Service
Our constantly growing dedicated team of highly experienced industry specialists strives to assure a consistent high level of service to our customers and partners worldwide.
Contact our office today for information about our complete package of product supply chain management services. We look forward to working with you in meeting all your freight forwarding and logistics needs. 
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